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Holistic practical education services for one and all from kids to youth to the elderly through universities, gurukuls, libraries, publications, videos, scholarships..
The foundation and the future of any society, any nation, is the kids. When kids are taught the right principles of and the right perspective to life, it directly results in disappearance of crimes and a clear conscious move towards fulfillment and prosperity. It is with this vision for the individual and the world as a whole that Nithyananda Mission runs this unique service of ‘eN-Education’ or enlightening education for kids. It is a unique holistic education to kids of all levels from grade 1 to 10. The students receive the best of modern Western education and ancient Eastern wisdom in a seamless and effortless, playful way. The education is provided in a friendly, encouraging ambience under the loving compassionate guidance of living enlightened Master ParamahamsaNithyananda. The emphasis is not on rote learning or academics only or extra-curricular education only but it is a well-balanced and time tested system integrating the child in body, mind and spirit, causing balanced development of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. kids are encouraged to explore life and its whys and they are supported in unraveling the mysteries and miracles of life, be it of science or math or arts or sports or self-discovery. The teachers are more facilitators and guides rather than imposing teachers. This simply shows in the nature and attitude of kids as they grow naturally with self-confidence, sensitivity, all-inclusiveness, realizing and expressing their uniqueness rather than being caught in competition and violence. This nurturing ambience is available for all kids, irrespective of their social or economic strata. To enable this, funds are raised to support the deserving but economically challenged families’ kids. These powerful life solutions are provided as complete education in a few schools called ‘gurukul’ while the life skills education is provided in thousands of schools called ‘Vidyalayas’ as part time education throughout the world. It is the powerful, promising schools like Gurukuls and Vidyalayas that hold the possibility of an enlightened humanity going into new frontiers.

Anna Daan - Offering of Free Food

Paramahamsa Nithyananda says - "there is an old saying, 'instead of giving a fish to the poor, teach him how to fish' but what will do till he learns how to fish. So I give a new saying, 'Give the fish to the one who needs till he learns how to fish'"
What living enlightened master Paramahamsa Nithyananda is saying is that food is the basic need of a human being. Even though many service organizations believe in making people capable of earning their own bread and butter through education services etc., that is not the immediate solution for thousands of people for whom food is the basic need. It is of course necessary to enable them to earn their own living, because that is the permanent solution but till they learn, we have to support them.
Anyone who visits our Aadheenams or centers around the world, does not leave without having Prasadam (energized nutritious food). Well balanced pure vegetarian food that meets any normal child/adults normal nutritional needs is served freely to everyone who comes to the Aadheenam.
As per the glorious tradition of Vedic culture, free food is served through out the day to all visitors in the form of Prasadam at the 30 Anna Mandirs around the world. Meals are also served in schools, colleges and to the poor and needy in rural areas. Mobile Anna Mandir's serve meals in mass meditation camps.
On an average, we serve 10,000 free meals a day in our Anna Mandirs across the world. Next to love and peace, the third and the most important quality pre-eminently necessary for a human being is the act of charity – particularly Anna Daan.
Some statistics: Thousands of poor, visitors, mendicants (wandering sadhus) and devotees are served free food at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam in Tiruvannamalai. On special occasions like full moon days, festivals etc., at least one lakh people (100 thousand) people are served in all our ashrams.


Peak of physical, mental and spiritual health from before birth to beyond death through conscious child care, unique kriyas& yoga, meditation camps, Research & Development, medical camps.
NithyaKriya is a unique contribution of ParamahamsaNithyananda – a combination of traditional asana, pranayama, yoga, that is specially designed based on a deep insight into the pranic flow of energy in the body, honed to cure 108 physical and mental ailments so far.

Arts & Architecture

Reviving the rich ancient Vedic tradition in its full glory and powerful utility value through the sacred arts and temples – powerful means to directly experience the Ultimate Divine..
A beautiful, unique and important component of the Vedic tradition is the deities which remind one of the peak of human potential and through which one sees the ultimate Divine. The Nithyananda Mission through traditional skilled artisans makes the deities as sculptures in stone, wood, metal, etc, as per the agama shastra or science of sculpting. Huge deities over 10 feet are made for temples under the direct guidance of ParamahamsaNithyananda as well as smaller deities for personal worship. Throughout history the science of temples was in the hands of a group of artisans, craftsmen and masters of sacred Indian art and architecture, the sthapatis, who have handed down the sacred tradition of temple construction and sacred sculpture for thousands of years. Sthapathis are experts in temple architecture and idol creation. They belong to the unique tradition of the Vishwakarma community and claim descent from the celestial architect Vishwakarma. The perfection achieved in temple construction parallels an astonishing degree of precision in measurements. These deities are made by traditional artisans (of the dying art) and sent all over the world thereby keeping the tradition alive and spreading this throughout the world.